bio-x is not focusing its expertise only on RFID technology that can be found in modern warehouses, supermarkets and offices (so called HF and UHF RFID). Our major expertise is in the area of LF RFID (Low Frequency RFID) or animal tagging as described in ISO 11784/5 standards.     Animal welfare, animal health and food traceability are becoming more and more of primary concern for food producers, consumers and regional governments. EU strategy and directives enforcing animal tagging are already in place and local legislations are slowly adopting it as well. Therefore we believe that LF RFID animals tagging in Croatia and regional countries will soon take off. Therefore we have carefully selected partners such as Motorola Solutions and leading RFID equipment manufacturers such as Agrident and Datamars with whom we work on the complex solutions in the area of animal tagging. Beside that, we believe that success is not possible without strong cooperation with the academic society – we joined forces with the Faculty of veterinary medicine in Zagreb. We also invest in research and development. We cooperate with leading electronic circuit design experts in Croatia with whom we develop custom LF RFID  devices based on our clients’ requests. In case you are looking for a LF RFID animal tagging solution please do not hesitate to contact us at rfid@bio-x.hr. Your bio-x team