Intelligent energy

bio-x is focused to develop use of alternative and environmentally friendly energy production in Croatia and surrounding countries. We focus on utilizing “waste” products like agricultural, animal and forestry wastes for generating energy products while minimizing existing waste streams. Our vision is to minimize the environmental impact of agricultural, animinal and forestry wastes and to extract value out of the existing waste streams.  One objective is to reduce the volume of material going to landfills and to create profitable green energy at the same time e.g. electricity and heating). Another objective is that investment into intelligent energy systems has to be feasible and sustainable and return on investment foreseeable. Here, bio-x can help you with financial advisory how to use EU and local funding in the most appropriate way. As a example, in a typical waste audit, there are three types of material:  recyclables, organic matter and trash. The recyclables are extracted through an aggressive recycling program and sold to manufacturers who can utilize the recovered material in the creation of another product. Organic matter is extracted and fed into the biomass conversion system that is appropriate for the waste. Typically one of the following  two alternatives:

  • Anaerobic digesters that create two valuable bi-products.  First is biogas, which can be used directly as is (not so common) or used indirectly as fuel for generators, to produce electricity (our suggestion). Second output is an organic fertilizer that can be used internally, if agricultural activities are available or sold at market. Typical manure biogas plant is shown below:
  • Advanced gasification systems that produce synthesis gas to run electrical generation systems.  Synthesis gas can also be converted to synthetic gasoline, diesel or other hydrocarbon products. Additionally large quantities of distilled water is produced as a byproduct.

We also advise our clients on use of solar technologies as an alternative solution or as an additional system to biogas plant.

Beside project advisory and project management, we can offer you help in obtaining financing from local banks, private equity or EU structural funds. Our partners include renowned engineering companies, equipment producers from Europe, academic institutions from Croatia and local legal and regulatory advisers. In case you are interested or have a project proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion on this matter at